Our Volunteers

At Stauros Ministries, our volunteers are an important component of our ministry, providing invaluable support and making a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Their dedication and selflessness are the driving force behind our mission of befriending with a purpose. With their diverse talents and unwavering commitment, our volunteers create a strong sense of community and foster an environment of love and compassion.

They lend a helping hand, offer a listening ear, and embody the spirit of service, ensuring that no one feels alone on their journey toward healing and transformation. Together, we are making a difference, one life at a time.

Trina Johnson


[email protected]

Trina has dedicated herself to pastoral care for individuals struggling with addiction since 2023, with a specialized focus on supporting the families of those affected.

Trina’s journey with Stauros Ministries began in an unexpected yet transformative manner. In 2004, amidst personal trials due to her husband’s battle with addiction, they encountered an advertisement for a Stauros Rally. This event, hosted at a local church, marked their inaugural engagement with Stauros. 

Participation in Stauros events and the ensuing fellowship became a cornerstone for Trina, fostering a profound, personal relationship with God. This newfound faith equipped her to navigate the complexities of a situation beyond her control. Moved by her experiences and the lessons learned, Trina felt a calling to extend her support to others facing similar adversities. Her mission is to convey a message of companionship and hope, affirming that no one is isolated in their struggles.

Nicky German


[email protected]

Nicky provides pastoral care for men struggling with various addictions. His main area of outreach is in the greater Frederick, MD area.

Nicky battled his own drug addiction and tried numerous ways to get straightened out. After 30+ years of addiction he gave in to the pull of God, and with the help of his family, church and Stauros Ministries he entered the Frederick Rescue Mission in 2012, A few years after graduating from the Mission he reconnected with John Burghauser (Stauros) and expressed a desire to help other men facing situations like he had. Nicky began serving as a volunteer in 2022.

He and his wife, Karen, currently live in Libertytown, Maryland.​