Care and Discipleship for the addicted

Our approach is unique – we tackle the spiritual aspect of addiction. It’s not just about overcoming a physical or psychological dependence; it’s about filling the void that led to addiction in the first place. 

In an age dominated by the quest for instant gratification and superficial solutions, Stauros offers an alternative: enduring connections, a supportive community, and an opportunity for individuals to rediscover and fulfill their true purpose. Our aim is not just about recovery; it’s about redemption in the Lord.

Our mission is to reach out to these individuals and provide hope for change. We offer a sense of belonging and understanding. And by supporting the work of Stauros, you’re helping us to strengthen the very community you are a part of.

The Need for Connection and Hope

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance abuse surged to record levels, with an alarming rise in opioid-related overdoses. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns didn’t just confine us to our homes; they isolated us from the support systems that keep us grounded. 

At Stauros, we understand the depths of despair faced by these individuals. They are far more than mere statistics; they are people, each possibly struggling alone, in need of recognition and support.

That is where our ministry steps in – with a hand of friendship and a message of hope. We don’t just counsel; we befriend, walking beside those who are struggling, on a path lit by an unwavering belief in the transformative power of the Lord.

Why does our work matter? Because the need for genuine support is more critical than ever.

The Faces of Stauros

Our efforts affect individuals within your own community: the neighbor you greet every morning, the person sitting next to you at church, or the family member who has been silently battling addiction. They are individuals caught in the struggles of life, often hiding their pain behind familiar smiles and pleasant greetings. These are the faces of our ministry.

This revelation is crucial: addiction does not discriminate. It affects the lives of those we least expect, making our mission all the more relevant.

The Stauros Story

For over a quarter of a century, Stauros has been serving the Mid-Atlantic. We extend more than just a helping hand; we offer a journey of companionship, guiding those afflicted towards a path of healing and reconciliation with the Lord. Our seminars are designed for seeking a deeper comprehension of addiction.

Our sister entity, the Stauros Foundation, is rooted in Northern Ireland and extends its reach across England, Scotland, Wales, and even the Isle of Man, embracing individuals in their quest for renewal.


A Lean, Focused Mission

Unlike many nonprofits, Stauros operates with minimal administrative overhead. We believe the most effective healing comes from those who provide pastoral care. This belief is enshrined in our bylaws.

Our Board of Directors and volunteers embody the spirit of selfless service, so that every contribution we receive is channeled directly to where it matters most – in empowering individuals with whom we meet to be reconciled with God.

We invite you to join us in this mission, as we continue to disciple, one person at a time.

How We Do It: Making a Difference Through Partnership

The work of Stauros is fueled by the power of partnership.

We collaborate closely with local churches and communities, and our approach is hands-on and personal. The mission isn’t merely about providing resources; it’s about creating a network of support that reaches those in need right where they are, offering hope and a path to miraculous transformation in the Lord.

Witnessing broken families being restored and lives dramatically changed is not just our goal – it’s our everyday reality. Each story of redemption is a testament to the collective effort of our partners and the resilience of their spirit.

Engagement with our supporters is a year-round commitment. We keep the lines of communication open, sharing regular updates filled with inspiring messages and music. Our ‘Stauros Sunday’ offers a unique opportunity to connect, reflect, and cultivate lasting friendships.

Whether you’re curious about our approach, interested in participating in a Stauros Sunday, or have any questions, please reach out. Your involvement, curiosity, and support fuels our mission and enable us to continue our work.

We would love to hear from you, and welcome you into our community of hope and healing.


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