Stauros Ministries seeks to minister to people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and to offer support to their families. Working alongside the local church, Stauros reaches out to those in our community who are affected by addiction and seek to bring the comfort and compassion of God into their lives by pointing them to Christ. Our approach is based on the ministry of Jesus:

  • Spending one-to-one time with individuals
  • Befriending individuals and families in the midst of their struggles
  • Sharing the saving grace and freedom of the Gospel
  • Helping churches to raise up disciplers and mentors within their congregations

OUR TWO GOALS as we speak with churches and individuals are:

  1.  Share what we do and how we do it

This presents an opportunity to offer help to someone who is hurting and helps to identify someone who feels they might be led to work along with us; to hear more about our approach.

2.  Offer training courses and workshops

These are courses and workshops designed to aid churches “integrate”, into their church bodies, individuals who need their love and support.

December 2020 Newsletter