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How You Can Make A Difference

Get Involved

How You Can Help

Pray for the work of Stauros.

At the heart of our mission lies a powerful tool – your prayers. They are not just thoughts and words; prayers are the bedrock of our spiritual solidarity, a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of faith.

Join Us in Prayer for Our Global Team

Our team, including the workers and volunteers at Stauros Ministries, and our international partners at the Stauros Foundation, thrives on this spiritual support. Your prayers fortify their resolve, guiding them as they navigate the challenges of our mission.

Uphold Our Supporters in Your Prayers

Our financial benefactors are more than donors; they are pillars of our community. We urge you to include them in your prayers, recognizing their vital role in sustaining not just our operations, but the hope we strive to instill.

A Special Plea for Those We Serve

At the forefront of our prayers should always be the individuals we are privileged to serve. Imagine the burdens of addiction, the weight of loneliness, and the struggle for redemption. Your prayers are a beacon of hope, and a reminder that they are not alone in their journey. Pray for their strength, for their courage, and for the Lord to illuminate their paths.

Join our mission.

Our existence and continued success are deeply intertwined with the dedication and talents of our friends and partners – people like you, who are moved to make a difference.

Discover Your Role in Our Community

Whether you find a calling in one of our listed roles or envision a new way to contribute, your skills and passion are invaluable to us. We celebrate diversity in talents, experiences, and perspectives, as each brings a fresh dimension to our mission. You are not just volunteering – you are enriching our journey towards healing and hope in the Lord.

A Personal Invitation to Impact Lives

If you feel a connection to our cause and a calling to contribute, we warmly encourage you to reach out. Even if you’re uncertain about where you fit in, or if you have an idea for a role that isn’t currently listed, your initiative is welcome. Each volunteer is a vital piece of the puzzle, and your involvement could be the key to unlocking new possibilities for those we serve.

Please connect with us via the link below. Your willingness to join hands with us is a powerful affirmation of our shared mission. Together, we can continue to build a community where support, healing, and spiritual growth thrive.

Bridge Builders (Liaisons)

Be the Link Between Stauros and Your Community

Stauros Ministries seeks dedicated individuals to serve as vital connectors – or ‘point-persons’ – between our organization and local churches or communities. This role is pivotal in ensuring a seamless integration of our clients into new faith environments.

Guiding Hands in Unfamiliar Places

Our clients often embark on a journey into unfamiliar spiritual communities as part of their healing process. In these moments, having a friendly and understanding guide within the church or community becomes crucial. You can be that welcoming presence, a bridge that eases their transition and fosters a sense of belonging.

Your Role as a Community Liaison

As a liaison, you’ll act as a representative of Stauros, facilitating connections and providing support to our clients as they explore and become part of a local church. Your understanding of both our mission and the dynamics of your community will be instrumental in creating a supportive environment for those seeking a new beginning in faith and fellowship.

If you feel called to this role of service and connection, we invite you to reach out and join us in this vital aspect of our ministry.

Local Experts in Rehabilitation & Social Services

Your Knowledge Can Guide Recovery

In the ever-changing landscape of rehabilitation and social services, staying informed and up-to-date is crucial. Our clients and their families often find themselves navigating a complex maze of options, each varying by location and subject to frequent updates. This is where your expertise can become invaluable.

Be a Beacon of Guidance and Support

We are seeking knowledgeable individuals within local churches and communities who are well-acquainted with the current landscape of rehabilitation and social services. Your insights into these resources are not just informative – they’re a lifeline for those we serve.

Your Role: Informing and Empowering Our Mission

As a volunteer in this capacity, you will be a crucial advisor, helping us understand and disseminate accurate, location-specific information about available services. Your guidance empowers our clients and their families to make informed decisions, enabling them to access the support they need at a critical time in their lives.

Your contribution as a local expert will significantly enhance our ability to provide relevant and timely advice, directly impacting the effectiveness of our mission. If you have a deep understanding of these services and a desire to serve those on the path to recovery, we warmly invite you to join us in this vital role.

Request ‘Out of the Depths’.

Out of the Depths, written by Beth Williams (with Victor Maxwell) tells the story of the Stauros Foundation from its 1980 formation in the United Kingdom (Scotland & Northern Ireland), the continuation into the Isle of Man, The Republic of Ireland and South America, and the creation of Stauros Ministries in the United States.

Proceeds will go towards the work of Stauros Ministries in the U.S. and the Stauros Foundation in Northern Ireland, UK.


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