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Get Involved

How You Can Help


The most valuable gift you can offer are your prayers.

Please pray for the workers in Stauros Ministries, along with our brothers and sisters in the Foundation overseas in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, and elsewhere.

Our financial supporters keep us going in more ways than one, so please keep them in your prayers as well.

Most importantly, please remember to pray for the individuals with whom we seek to minister. Those who are suffering and alone.


Stauros would not exist without our friends and partners. If you feel suited for an of these roles, or would like to inquire about a role not listed at the moment, please contact us via the link below.

Church & Community Liaisons

Stauros needs individuals, male and one female , who will act as liaisons or ‘point-persons’ between our ministry and their church or community. We encourage our contacts to become involved in a local church, often putting them in a new and unfailiar place. Having ‘guides’ within those comunities is crucial.

Rehabilitation & Social Services Contact

Contacts frequently have questions regarding rehabilitation and  social services. The information varies by location and changes regularly. Individuals within local churches and communities who are familiar with these services, and can advise us on the available options, are of great service to the work.


Request ‘Out of the Depths’ Book

‘Out of the Depths’, a book written by Beth Williams (with Victor Maxwell) tells the story of the Stauros Foundation from its 1980 formation in the United Kingdom (Scotland & Northern Ireland), the continuation into the Isle of Man, The Republic of Ireland and South America, and the creation of Stauros Ministries in the United States.


Testimonies, messages, music, and more.



Seminars, workshops, etc.


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