About Stauros Ministries

STAUROS is a Greek word in the New Testament, which is translated in English, “the cross” upon which Christ was crucified. As the name suggests, this ministry is evangelistic with a biblical basis. In Stauros we believe that all the need and sin in our society, regardless of variety or severity, can effectively be dealt with at the cross of The Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stauros Ministries is a sister organization the The Stauros Foundation – based in The United Kingdom – founded by Arthur Williams. Through the ministry of The Holy Spirit in his life, the approach of Stauros was borne. Arthur was befriended and ministered to, on a one-to-one basis and saw that this approach was very beneficial to him and is much needed for others.

Through the contact of Woody and Elaine Price, Tom Eakins brought the work to The United States, in 1996, and continues travelling to the U.S. to encourage the activity. As of 2009, there is one full time worker (in Baltimore, MD), one part-time worker (in Port St. Lucie, FL) and others who volunteer in West Virginia and Maryland, as well as a planting of the work in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia.

Our goal is to help churches see the need for one-to-one discipleship and encourage the individuals with whom we meet to avail themselves of that very discipleship.