All the Lonely People

by | Oct 23, 2017

There are several songs written about “all the lonely people” and I picked up a small booklet with the same title on one of my trips to the U.K I am often reminded of the lonely people as I reflect upon and talk about the ministry work of Stauros.

Sometimes I’ll have a conversation with myself and it goes something like this; Who will help those who don’t seem to be interested in help? Someone needs to help them, or do they? Are they just covering their desire for help by hiding, taking drugs, being obnoxious? Who will help them? After pondering these questions I decide, I’ll go.

It seems that most of the people I come across fall into the category of the “forgotten, lonely people”. Ruth Graham Bell wrote a book entitled “In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart”. I believe we can certainly extend that past the pews into the whole world!

Who will help them get past the ‘walls’ they have constructed? Who will ‘walk through the mud’ as they try to learn how to navigate life? There is a saying, often wrongly suggested to come from The Bible, that states: “God only helps those who help themselves”, and I often hear people suggest that “if they want help they will ask for it”. I’m not so sure those statements are fully accurate. While I realize that there are limitations which hinder getting everyone to ‘change’, I do know that most people, who are lonely and hurting, want to change so badly they will do almost anything, and they do, and it is so often directed at the wrong things.

I have greatly benefitted by various books, seminars, workshops and conversations I have had, over the past number of years, and I have been burdened to learn more of how to help ‘all the lonely people’.

Through learning about helping others, I have learned quite a bit about myself as I have experienced the varying dynamics and opportunities afforded through Christian life, work and ministry. I have learned that I am quite introverted and that my place in God’s work is to remain behind the scenes as I reach out those I describe as ‘having fallen through the cracks’. I am closest to God, in terms of ministry work, when I am sitting with someone who is hurting and I can offer some measure of hope. I know that a person’s only, long lasting, hope can and should come from Jesus Christ, yet to so many people we are the hands, feet and mouths of Jesus! As I continue offering my best, to God, in order to do His work to these lonely people!!

Please consider praying for me & all who are associated with Stauros Ministries. As you pray, please consider supporting us financially as we continue to minister to those who are hurting. Since I began working with Stauros, much has changed as pertains to available help to people in substance abuse. People often ask for help with housing, food, work and things which support everyday life. When the US economy crashed in 2008, a large portion of funding for these things disappeared and it left a number of individuals in a very difficult position. While Stauros is not a benevolent organization (we do not disperse monies and/ or resources to those in need) we do spend a lot of time helping people get to and from appointments looking for available helpas this is one of the ways we can build a platform in which to share The Gospel!!