2023 Stauros Conference

McGrath, Alaska
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McGrath, Alaska

Stauros Conference (June 7th – 9th)

In 2023, Stauros Ministries teamed up with One Wilderness Ministries for a focused mission in McGrath, Alaska. Brad Sturm, the head of One Wilderness, extended the invitation for this collaboration.

In early June, we hosted the Caring for the Addicted Through Discipleship conference in McGrath. Attendees came from across Alaska and beyond, eager to tackle the challenges of addiction in their communities.

Our role at the conference was straightforward: provide practical strategies and insights to local leaders, equipping them to better address the widespread issues of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Alaska trip was a resounding success, thanks in large part to the collective efforts of everyone involved. It also kicked off our ongoing partnership with One Wilderness Ministries, a like-minded organization that mirrors our goals and values.

The conference was a significant step, but it’s clear that our journey is far from over. There’s more work to be done, and we’re committed to seeing it through.

Justin Talbott

Stauros Pastoral Care

John Burghauser

Director of Pastoral Care

Rock Stemple

Stauros Board of Directors
Vice President


Alaskans & Alaskan Natives

Addiction Statistics

Statistics on addiction and suicide in Alaska are grim, and shocking:

  • Alaska is #1 in the nation for suicides, and more than half of the time drugs and/or alcohol are involved
  • Native Alaskans are: 3x more likely to abuse alcohol than the general population
  • Young native males are 14x more likely to commit suicide than of the general U.S. population
  • Cases of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) are some of the highest in the world, with up to 81% of prenatal alcohol exposure, or maternal alcohol abuse, being reported.

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Heading North

Video highlight reel of the group’s trip from BWI to McGrath, Alaska. Video footage by John, editing and score by Justin.

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