About Stauros Ministries

STAUROS is a Greek word from the New Testament which translates to ‘the cross’. Stauros Ministries believes that sin, regardless of variation or severity, is first and foremost a spiritual issue; as such, it can effectively be dealt with at the cross of Jesus Christ.

Stauros Ministries is a sister organization the The Stauros Foundation established by Arthur Williams in the United Kingdom. Arthur was befriended and ministered to on a one-to-one basis; he not only saw the benefit of this approach in his own life, but saw the need for it in others. Through the contact of Woody and Elaine Price, Tom Eakins brought the work to the United States in 1996.

Our goal is to help churches and communities recognize the need for one-to-one discipleship, while offering hope and support for the individuals and families with whom we meet.