William DuBose

William DuboseAt the age of 13, I started drinking and smoking pot. I did that for some years, until about the age of 15. Then new drugs came into my life – heroin and cocaine… so I started using these drugs, not knowing how deep I was getting into it. Then one morning I was sick and really did not know why. A friend told me what was wrong – I was hooked. I continued to use and then to sell to support my habit for many years, even as I went into the Army. When I cam home, I continued to use and sell.

During all this, I did things I am not proud of and hurt my loved ones and lied to them. This went on for some more years until in my early 30’s, when I felt it was time to stop but I didn’t know how. One night I asked God to help, I had asked many times before but I was not ready. Finally I was fed up with the life I was leading so I guess God saw something in my heart, this time, because one day I was locked up and that was when I started my walk with God. He walked with me slowly… I guess to see if my heart was true.

One day my grandmother looked at me after being home 15 months and she said to me that she was proud of me. A month later, she passed away. At the time, I knew in my heart that God and my grandmother were waiting for me. So here I am, 21 years later and God is still walking with me. He has walked me into Hazelwood Baptist Church as a member and as a Deacon. He has walked me into being a Stauros Pastoral Care Worker and he will always continue to walk with me until I meet him. So you see my brothers and sisters, this testimony is not about me, it’s about my Father in Heaven, how He can walk you through the darkness. Ask the Savior to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid you, He will carry you through.

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